Transition Year Programme

Longford Arts Transition Year Programme

In association with Backstage Theatre, the Longford Arts Transition Year Programme connects transition year (TY) students with local professional artists. Taking place over four days, the students can meet participating artists and explore their art forms. This opportunity can help students experience what could be possible for further study in art and design at third level. The participating artists and their art forms are:

Physical Theatre/Dance Theatre with Catherine Young

A photograph of Catherine Young
Catherine Young is a choreographer and dancer who has trained and performed all over the world. She is currently an Artist in Residence at the Backstage Theatre. Catherine also runs The Welcoming Project, which fosters cultural integration and social inclusion for Ireland's new communities through dance. For more information,

For the Physical Theatre/Dance Theatre stream, students will work with Catherine to immerse themselves in the world of physical and dance theatre. Catherine will share her practice, insights, tools and process to help student in their own creative research to develop a short piece in a chosen topic. Each morning will start with a yoga and vocal warm up, followed by theatre and creative games to enable students delve into the creative process through movement, working collectively towards composing a short work together. The Physical Theatre/Dance Theatre stream is set to take place from Monday, 13 to Thursday, 17 November.

Visual Art with Anna Wiercioch

A photograph of Anna Wiercioch as she is painting and looking away from the camera
Anna Wiercioch is an artist and photographer interested in diverse mediums including Gelli prints, collages, acrylics, marbling and clay. Anna has facilitated hundreds art workshops with youths and adult and has been involved in various artistic collaborations that have strong links to education, music, and art. Anna believes art can help people connect, come up with new ideas, and talk about important things. More more information, find Anna Weircioch on Instagram

Under the Visual Art stream, Anna will introduce students to Gelli print collage. This unique medium combines the techniques of traditional collage with the textures and colours of Gelli prints, resulting in striking and imaginative creations. In the workshops, participants will experiment with a wide variety of collage techniques including monoprints on gelli plate and amazing collages with Gelli prints. The Visual Arts stream is set to take place from Monday, 6 to Thursday, 9 November.

Sculpture with Farhad O’Neill

A photograph of Farhad O'Neill looking directly at the camera
Farhad O’Neill is an artist who specialises in sculpture. He has trained and worked in both Canada and Northern Ireland, where he currently resides. The practice and growth of Farhad’s art has been informed by a host of influences; the visual, the unseen, the interior, the inexpressible, and the musical. He also includes spirituality, mnemonics, a mixed Irish/Parsee parentage, community life, and observations regarding the relationship between object and place. He believes that all of these things find their truest representation in the physicality of his created Art. For further information, visit

Under the Sculpture programme, Farhad will be introducing the students to sculpture through a variety of exercises, techniques, and projects. Included in this will be drawing, conversations, art history, using plaster and carving bas relief. Students will be encouraged to create sculpture installations out of found objects from their outdoor environment. The Sculpture stream is set to take place from Monday, 13 to Thursday, 17 November. 

Apply for the Longford Arts Transition Year Programme

Apply via the Longford Arts Transition Year Programme online form.

Each of the art forms are limited to twelve places. No prior experience in any artform is necessary in order to secure a place.

The ideal participant is a young person who is curious, brave, kind and willing to try something new. It is important that you demonstrate this in your application.

Closes for applications on Thursday, 26 October at 5pm. 

Assessment and Acceptance Criteria

Places will be allocated on the following basis:

  • A geographical spread of applicants from all second level Longford schools and all municipal districts.
  • Applicants who have completed application in full.
  • Applicants who have clearly demonstrated that they have an interest, passion and commitment to participating in the programme.
  • A waiting list will be complied in case awarded places are not taken prior to programme.
  • Successful applicants will be informed Friday, 287 October by email.
  • Applicants will have until Thursday, 2 November to accept placement offer.
  • The Physical Theatre/Dance Theatre stream is set to take place from Monday, 13 to Thursday, 17 November. The Visual Arts stream is set to take place from Monday, 6 to Thursday, 9 November. The Sculpture stream is set to take place from Monday, 13 to Thursday, 17 November. 
  • Applicants accepting place must make their own arrangements with the school they are attending regarding their absence for the programme duration.
  • Parents and guardians will be invited to attend an information session prior to programme and will be required to sign a programme consent form.

Further information

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