My Open Library

My Open Library

My Open Library extends the availability of library services to customers at times that suit them best, providing greater flexibility and convenience through increased opening hours outside of normal staffed times.

My Open Library is available on a self-service basis from 8am to 10pm, 365 days a year. The service complements regular staffed hours and ensures optimum delivery of service and support for customers, community engagement and development of programming activities

The innovative use of advanced-access technology has facilitated access for:

  • students to study from early in the morning to late at night
  • families with working parents
  • commuters
  • people up-skilling
  • community groups to use the meeting room facilities

My Open Library has strengthened the prominence of the library in local communities by providing a non-commercial, indoor meeting place that is open and welcoming to all.

My Open Library operates in Ballymahon Library. Plans are in place for My Open Library to operate in Edgeworthstown, Granard and Lanesborough Libraries in the not too distant future.