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Derragh B.S.S.M.
Doire Each, oak wood of the horses.

Derragh J. 0'D.
Deragh County Map
Doragh Down Survey
Dyraghe Inquis. Temp. Car. I.

This townland is bounded on the N. and E. by the River Inny; on the S. by Coolcraff townland; and on the W. by South Tonymore townland, Derragh Lough and Lough Kinale.
It contains 1,115 acres, including almost 26 acres of water. About � of the land is arable and pasture; the remainder is bog. There is some underwood along the River Inny, and there are two small lakes on the southern ,border, near to which is a farm, called Derreenamodhue (Doir�n na Madadh, the little oak wood of the dogs). The neck connecting Lough Kinale with Derragh Lough is called Bunahowna (Bun na hAbhna, the mouth of the river).