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Clonmucker B.S.S.M.
Cluain Moch�ir � Mochar�s lawn or meadow

Cloonmucker J.O.D.
Clonmucker By Sketch
Cloonmucker Edgeworth Co. Map
Clonmucker Rev. W. Armstrong
Clontmogher Inq. temp. Jac. I
Clonetomocher Inq. temp. Jac. I

Clonmucker is situate about 2 miles N. of Kenagh Village, is bounded by Moniscallaghan, Aughinaspick, Commock and Carraghmore in the Parish of Moydow and Abbeydarig? In the Parish of Taushinoid.
This townland contains 138A. 2R. Is all arable and pasture. Being the property of Col. Pallissin held by deed forever. Pays to County Cess �13-19-5