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Keelouge B.S.S.M.
C�ol�g � a narrow ridge or stripe (compare Index)

Keeloge J.O.D.
Keelogue B. S. Sketch
Keelogues Edgeworths Co. Map
Keelogue Rev. W. Armstrong
Kaloghe Inq. temp. Jac I.
Keiloge-Irell Inq. temp. Jac I.
Killeoge Inq. temp. Car I.

Keelogue is bounded by Aughinaspick, Commock, Cloughan, Castlerea and Tonyne.
This townland contains 150A. 0P. 13R. about 11 acres of which under bog, the remainder ararable and pasture. It belongs to J.T. Jessop Esq. and pays Co. Cess �6-19-9