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Tonyne B.S.S.M.
T�in�n � a little Pader or bottom

Toneen J.O.D.
Tonyne By Sketch
Townsend Edgeworths Co. Map
Townend Rev. W. Armstrong
Tomin? D. Survey
Tonyn Inq. Temp. Jac. I
Tonine Gul. & Mar
J.O.D � The correct old name is Toneen. Shall it be civilized to Town-end or Townsend? Westend?

Tonyne is bounded by Clonevit, Meeltena, Aughinaspick, Keelogue, Castlerea, Ballinavoher and Aughine.
This townland contains 25A. 9R. 90P. about 6 acres of which are under bog, the remainder arable and pasture. It belongs to W. Slater and pays Co. Cess �13-19-5.