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Taghsheenod Ph.


Taghsheenod Ph.

Taghsheenod Ph.
Teach Sionaid, Janet's house.
Prond. Tagh-Sheenod and should be so spelled.

Taghsheenod J. O'D.
Taushinoid Boundary Sketch
Tashinode, Tashnode Down Survey

This parish is situated mainly in the Barony of Moydow, with a small portion in the Barony of Abbeyshrule. It is surrounded by the parishes of Kilglass, Agharra, Taghshinny, Kilcommock and Moydow.
It is well interspersed with bog, well intersected with roads and is generally well cultivated. It has three demesnes, Richmond Hill, Park Place and part of Doory Demesne Its antiquities are Abbeyderg, Mornin Castle and an old church. It contains 5713a. Or. 33p, of which 5491a. 3r. 26p. are in Moydow Barony, and 221a. 1r. 7p. are in the Barony of Abbeyshrule.